About Us

Seraph Project is a unique Christian band glorifying God and sharing the good news of salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ creating a blend of many different ethnic musical themes with uplifting and encouraging lyrics everyone can relate to. The music is rhythmic and engaging while being fresh and familiar. Performing together in various incarnations of acoustic or electric formats.

Members of the Seraph Project have performed and recorded with the likes of  Pat Boone, and Tito Puente, and created music for radio, TV and film. Much of the original material creates sound-scapes in a wide variety of contemporary musical styles while lyric Biblical truths and familiar stories are conveyed both literally and metaphorically.

But with all it's many assets, it is the Spirit of truth and love of our Lord Jesus that binds the Seraph Project together and keeps it moving forward.

 We take joy in the gift of music and the privilege to share it with you.

Special Thanks

Seraph Project would like to thank the following for their love and support:

Midland Park Church of God

Eric Wayne and Gabriel Sound
Pastor Lloyd Vorderstrasse

Doug Kennedy

Kyle Capellan

High Mountain Church

Deke Strauss

John Accunzo

Tony Panzica