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Lincoln Park Day

Downtown Lincoln Park, Main Street and Chapel Hill Rd, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

Lincoln Park Day is a festival organized by members of the Lincoln Park Day Association with the support of the Borough Council, to promote community unity and co-operation. The event provides the citizens, organizations, and businesses of Lincoln Park, NJ an opportunity to show pride in the community, it’s accomplishments and expand public awareness of local resources.

Other attractions at the Municipal Complex include free entertainment on stage, exhibit booths and give-a-ways by local nonprofit organizations and businesses,free bouncy rides for kids of all ages. A large flea market and outdoor food fair are steps away on Main Street and Chapel Hill Rd.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seraph in the Park with Steve Lillis

Central Park, TBA, New York, NY

Seraph provides music for a Gospel Trick Shot Ministries exhibition featuring Steve Lillis.
A GTS Show is the creative use of amazing billiard/pool trick shots called gospel trick shots. It was first designed to entertain and encourage young people at local churches. In 1998 GTS began to minister at colleges working with campus ministries. In 2000 GTS started working in the billiard industry at both pro and amateur events. In 2001 GTS went international working with billiard federations and international mission teams.



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